Prescott Memorials Inc.

Making Arrangements

We keep our working relationship with our clients as simple and straightforward as possible. We are flexible, we take the time to be sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the chosen memorial, and have had all the time they need for consideration. We consult, and we may suggest, but we will never impose our ideas. We make sure that the final choice is truly your own.

When considering the purchase of a memorial there are many things to consider. Usually at this point you have already arranged for the selection of the grave site and this will determine the style of memorial you will choose. If the area in the cemetery you wish to install the monument has any restrictions it is important to establish this at the beginning. Usually the administrator of the cemetery will guide you through their requirements regarding memorials - flowers - corner markers etc. We can work with you to get these answers if they are not at hand and assure you that the monument selected is fitting with the expectations of the individual cemetery board.

The planning of the layout for each monument is unique. Thought should be given as to the use of given names: second names or initials, use of the maiden name, nick names. Consider whether the dates should contain month day and year or simply the year of birth and death. Often the size of the memorial will determine whether there is sufficient space for all you would like to include.

If a design is important to you, take time to reflect on images that make this a personal tribute: a fishing scene to remember the good times at the cottage; praying hands with a cross to signify a love of and devotion to faith; roses — a tribute of love and beauty; oak leaves portraying endurance against adversity, strength, and stability. Consider including a family crest or perhaps an emblem marking service in the military or dedication to a profession or career.

An epitaph or verse makes a memorial more expressive. It consoles and inspires. It conveys a message of love and faith from relatives and friendsto the world at large and to future generations. It may be taken from scripture or from a favourite piece of poetry. It may express a sentiment of personal signficance, or be a few words reflecting the significance of a life to those who shared the same time and space. If the message touches your heart it will touch the hearts of all who may chance to read it.

As you plan the complete memorial take time to consider the granite base on which the monument will stand. Space may be necessary to provide an area for flowers or personal mementos, vases or statuary. If a larger base is a needed to accomodate these extras it will then determine the size of the footing required.

As ever, if you have any questions about your memorial choices, please contact us.