Prescott Memorials Inc.

Building Plaques

Historical & Dedication Markers

Permanent historical and dedication markers are frequently executed in granite, bronze, or aluminum.

Granite, bronze, and aluminum are excellent materials to choose for this purpose. Granite is elegant and extremely durable. Bronze requires minimal care but if necessary is readily cleaned. It acquires a beautiful patina, and withstands the weather. It is frequently used at national historical sites. Aluminum is extremely durable and available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Plaques for Buildings

Bronze plaques are used for home, office, school. The inscription may be simply the number, a name, or a brief historical note: "Samuel Clemens stayed here, December 1892," is a distinctive and informative.

Such plaques are often executed bronze, aluminum, or in stone. Plaques are usually, but not necessarily fixed to the building, and we have many creative siting ideas to share with you. We are always delighted to design and craft a unique plaque for you.

Corner Stones

The corner stone, a familiar feature of large buildings, is increasingly used for family homes. It is frequently installed during construction, but can readily be added to an existing building.